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electricity transmission linesHere’s a great place to start for research into the state of energy within Australia, and how we compare with the rest of the world. Where does the majority of our energy come from, what are the main forms of electricity production, how much energy is produced from renewable resources? More and more these are becoming critical questions with respect to both industry and household economics.

We’ll continually add to the list, and if you think there’s a resource out there that should be added here, please feel free to contact us with your suggestion!

Next 10

Next 10 is a Calafornian-centric website founded by philantrophist and venture capitalist F. Noel Perry. Their California Green Innovation Index has recently gone global.



RenewEconomy claims to be “Australia’s best informed and most read web-site focusing on clean energy news and analysis, as well as climate policy”, founded by journalist founded Giles Parkinson. Of particular note is their NEM Watch widget – an updated graphic of Australia’s National Electricity Market.

NEW Watch

The World Bank – CO2 emissions

Data available from the World Bank website shows CO2 emissions by metric ton per capita. THis is just the start – drill into any one of the countries listed for more detail.



Climate Council

Rebranded after the Climate Commission was abolished, Climate Council aims to provide independent and accurate infromation on climate change to the Australian public. We recommend the website as a whole, and of particular note are the following resources:

Reference to Next 10’s International edition of their California Green Innovation Index report


Fact check on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s National Press Club address on Australia’s Energy Future


A comparison of renewable energy between Australia and New Zealand


The U.S. Energy Information Administration

A great resource for energy-related FAQs. We highlight their explanation of determining how much coal, natural gas, or petroleum is used to generate a kilowatthour of electricity.


Queensland Competition Authority

The QCA act to look oversea monopoly businesses do not abuse their market power. Available for download is their FACT SHEET – 2016-17 residential regulated electricity prices for regional Queensland.

You can also view and download it directly here:

FACT SHEET – 2016-17 residential regulated electricity prices for regional Queensland